International Medicial Service Flow Chart

When you proceed for your treatment in the Ten-Chen Hospital, feel free to seek assistance at anytime. Our International Medical Service receptionist will accompany you for the entire course of treatment and provides appropriate helps. It is our pleasure to offer you the best medical treatment.
You can make reservation by phone or email with our International Medical Service receptionist.
After you make reservation and bring all necessary documents to the reception, we will arrange appointment for you for preliminary medical examination. After the initial examination, you will receive first skeleton invoice and treatment quotation.
If patient`s condition needs to stay in our hospital; the doctor will write admitting notice. Our International Medical Service receptionist will then accompany you to your ward.
The doctor will arrange all necessary examination and appropriate treatments depends on the medical condition.
The doctor will determine the time of discharge depends on medical conditions. Our medical team will inform you all necessary medical advices.
After the time of discharge; our International Medical Receptionist will assistant you with all necessary documents, prescriptions and return visit appointments.