Caring for the communities

As to medical trend in the 21 century, the integrated health caring which based on doctor, hospital and community will become the mainstream.
Ten-Chen Medical group (TCMG) focus on community activity and health promoting centre. Not only creating high quality medical treatment,we also bond the communication among the residents in the community. Forum and volunteer medical service strengthen relationship between hospital and community. Also, concert and lecture course could be hold to keep the enterprise closer with the school. Due to friendly interaction and professional medical treatment, better life quality will be established.
Inauguration of Community Health Center in Chung Li City
Summer Camp for the children
Community athletics
Cake sale for charity reason
Flea market for charity
Medical service for charity
Flu vaccine injection for the older
Integrated medical service in community
CPR instruction in police office of Tao Yuan County
Club of weight control
Speech for the patients
Medical service for the children in Chung Li City
Speech for the older university in Chung Li City
Physical examination of the wanderer for charity
Instruction of ACLS for the nursing people
Physical examination of senior high school
Medical service station in lantern festival